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Reviewers Choice. Aa Art Degas Jigsaw Puzzle for Android

Aa Art Incredible Jigsaw Puzzle  was just awarded with 

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 Incredible puzzle.
·        There is impossible to cut such puzzle from cartoon. 
·        This puzzle could not exist in real world.
·        You will surprise how the picture changed.
  High Quality of the image
  Puzzle difficulty is configured
  Time killer game

Start puzzle
Choose a certain image on screen and press the button “New”.
The button”Resume” allows you to resume the last puzzle state.
Resume possible only for last used puzzle.

How to play?
The puzzle is divided into rectangle parts in different sizes.
Touch a certain rectangle, it will be marked by flashing lights
Touch another rectangle to exchange it with marked rectangle,
The images will switch places and will stretch to fit their new size.
To unmark some rectangle touch it  again.

Screen Controls
The game has a scrollable screen. To view the original picture , you may scroll the puzzle up.
The game screen contains both the original picture and below the mixed puzzle

Long press on puzzle will toggle border around each rectangle.

There is possible to configure
·        Difficulty level
controlled by setting minimal size of puzzle part (in percents) .
Valid values from 25 (difficult) to 500 (easy).
Default value is 100
To play easy puzzle set this field with value above the 100. 500 the easiest game.
To play difficult puzzle set this field with value below the 100. 25 most difficult game.
To activate new Difficult Level use button “New
·                    Background Music.
·                    Sound Click notification.

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It will collect all information needed for troubleshooting.
You also could write me directly:

  • Luda
  • Masha
  • Slava

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