AaCamera History, F.A.Q., Troubleshooting

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AaCamera History

1.0     First release.

Know Issues

After Timer Alarm camera does not update the screen.
       This issue under investigation now and will be fixed in the future version.
       To recover use menu Exit and restart AaCamera.

Stop talking aloud.

  • Check Menu/Settings that Silent mode is unchecked.
  • Check that phone has installed TTS for language configured System Setting / Languages
  • Reboot the Android phone


Q.     Which Voice Languages are supported by AaComera?
A.     Any language supported by installed TTS. It is possible to change language in 
         Android     Settings / Voice input & output/ Text-to-speech settings
                  Mark          Always use my setting
                  Choose    Language
                  Change    Speech rate

This application works on phones with front camera. 

Tested on devices
  • Nexus S

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