AaCount version 1.1

AaCount available in Android Market T -->

AaCount Features:
  • Free Hand mode
  • Talking Counter
  • Background music
  • Squats, push-ups, sit ups, bend etc.

Keep safe your Android phone.

Light Sensor usage

Using Light sensor allows counting sport activity in hands free mode.
Use your body shadow to count exercises. As seen in the pictures below.
But Light sensor is very “capricious” and required time to configure suitable light conditions.



Light sensor works unstable in low and too bright light.
Works stable with artificial lighting than under sun.
You shadow must have clean edge to stable work/

Use hand to check counting in Light mode.


Use your body shadow to count exerc

Keep safe your Android phone

Proximity sensor usage

Use it when there are no good light conditions.
Proximity sensor able to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact.

On Nexus S recognized distance about 1 inch.

Below use cases how possible use Proximity sensor to count while exercises
There is possible use different  body movement to count activity. As seen in the pictures below


Screen Controls

All controls are clickable (refer to screen shot below)
1. Counter. Click on it will reset counter.

2. Light sensor indicator
3. Proximity sensor indicator

There is possible to configure Silent Mode.

Inactivity timeout
Default value 1 min.
Upon inactivity timeout expired AaCount will free used system resources and exit to save battery power.  

eMail to developer
Use it for feedback, suggestion and bug report.
This is preferable way to contact.
It will collect all information needed for troubleshooting.
You also could write me directly:

  • Anna
  • Eran
  • Luda
  • Paul
  • Slava
  • Tal

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